Best Female Cosplayers on Instagram To Follow

Love cosplay and artistry? Follow these best female cosplayers on Instagram

If you are fan of a cosplay and comic books then you must follow these best female cosplayers on Instagram.

These artists have a large following on Instagram showcasing their artistry, connecting with fans, and sharing their passion for bringing fictional characters to life.

Here are the top 8 female cosplayers who have captivated the Instagram world with their creativity and skill.

8 Best Female Cosplayers on Instagram: Follow Now

1. Eeelyeee 

Name – Ely

Hailing from Taiwan, Ely is celebrated for her stunning craftsmanship. 

Eeelyeee Cosplay Player

Renowned for cosplaying characters from ‘Evangelion,’ ‘Re: Zero,’ and ‘Touhou Project,’ she has amassed over 93.3K followers. 

Her portrayal of Asuka and Sakuya stands out, as does her recent ‘Yor’ cosplay, demonstrating her range and talent​​.

Follow her on Instagram: @eeelyeee

2. Enji Night

Name – Enji Night

Enji Night

Enji Night, a Hungarian model and cosplayer, is known for her portrayals across multiple genres, including Marvel Comics and Disney’s Incredibles. 

With over 1 million followers, her Instagram is a mix of cosplay, fitness, and lifestyle, offering fans a daily dose of inspiration​.

Follow her on Instagram: @enjinight

3. Tayla Barter (Kinpatsu Cosplay)

Name – Tayla Barter

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Tayla Barter, famously known as Kinpatsu Cosplay, is a South African cosplayer renowned for her fast and efficient costume designs. 

She has created 30 different cosplays in just one year, amassing over 443K followers who enjoy her tutorials and design patterns​.

Follow her on Instagram: @kinpatsucosplay

4. Yaya Han

Name – Yaya Han

Yaya Han

Yaya Han, a Chinese-American costume designer and cosplayer, has been a vibrant part of the cosplay scene since 2000. 

She’s known for creating nearly 400 costumes and even has her own costume fabric line. 

With over 600,000 followers, Yaya is a cosplay icon, blending creativity with business acumen

Follow her on Instagram: @yayahan

5. Svetlana Quindt 

Name – Kamui

Svetlana Quindt - Kamui

She’s a German cosplayer Svetlana Quindt, aka Kamui Cosplay, who is celebrated for her skill in creating real armor for her costumes. 

She has over 1 million followers across her platforms, known for her cosplay armor books and DIY tutorials.

Follow her on Instagram: @kamuicosplay

6. Danielle DeNicola

Name – Danielle

Danielle DeNicola

Danielle DeNicola, an American cosplayer, rose to fame with her cosplay-inspired outfits and designs. 

With over 600,000 followers, she’s also a voice for empowerment, sharing beauty tips, fashion advice, and artistic creations​.

Follow her on Instagram: @danielledenicola

7. Jessica Nigri

Name – Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri, an American cosplayer, became a sensation with her “sexy Pikachu” cosplay. 

She’s known for her roles as the official spokesperson for Lollipop Chainsaw and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. 

Her engaging content has earned her a massive following​ of 3.8M.

Follow her on Instagram: @jessicanigri

8. Mon

Name – Mon Pink

Mon Pink

Mon, from Taipei, Taiwan, is celebrated for her adorable and kawaii (cute) cosplays. 

She’s popular in Taiwan for bringing her characters to life with innocence and charm, engaging a large audience with her unique approach to cosplay.

Follow her on Instagram: @monpink_mon

Wrapping Best Female Cosplayers on Instagram

These top female cosplayers have turned their passion for cosplay into a thriving career and a huge presence on Instagram, each bringing something unique to the table. 

From intricate costume designs to engaging content, they inspire and entertain their followers daily.

Whether you’re a cosplay enthusiast or just love seeing creativity at its finest as we all played dress-up in childhood and you may enjoy comics, these best female cosplayers on Instagram are a must-follow on Instagram!

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